Charlie Gard Granted U.S. Citizenship ‘To Fly To America For Treatment’


Charlie Gard has been granted U.S. citizenship by congress so that he can be flown to America for treatment.

This is despite doctors saying it is ‘cruel’ to allow him to live any longer given that he’s deaf, blind and severely brain-damaged.

Connie Yates and Chris Gard remain optimistic, however, sharing a picture of Charlie looking at a toy in attempt to rubbish the claims that he cannot see.


American neuroscientist, Dr Michio Hirano, failed to persuade the British doctors that Charlie’s life wasn’t near its end and flew back to New York last night.

He and an expert from the Pope’s hospital in Rome spent five and a half hours chatting the the clinicians to no avail.


Speaking last night about Charlie’s upcoming tests, Connie said:

Our gorgeous baby boy is still stable. We are at his bedside and feel satisfied he is not suffering or in any pain.

As Charlie’s loving parents, we are doing the right thing for our son in exploring all treatment options.

Charlie has so far survived three decisions to withdraw his ventilator.