Charlie Hebdo’s Latest Cover Has Got People Absolutely Furious


Infamous French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo may have gone too far with their recent beheading of Theresa May on their cover this week.

The page is captioned ‘English multiculturalism’ and shows the UK Prime Minister holding her own head, exclaiming ‘too much is too much’, which appears to mock her ‘enough is enough’ speech.

After the London Bridge attack which killed seven people, May proclaimed ‘enough is enough’ in defiance of extremism.

Inside the magazine, they go on to mock the victims of the London Bridge terror attack.

The cartoon shows people running with Big Ben in the background, with one of them still carrying his pint of beer, with the caption ‘Slimming advice from Isis’.

This cover comes soon after U.S comedian Kathy Griffin was slammed and investigated by the Secret Service after she released a gruesome photo of herself holding Donald Trump’s bloody head.

The drawing of Theresa May was finished on the eve of the election, prior to her damning election result being known.

Charlie Hebdo, which was the victim of a terrorist shooting in 2015 which killed 12 people and injured 11 others, are notorious for publishing racist and inflammatory cartoons.

One Twitter user wrote:

I remember supporting Charlie Hebdo during their attacks, only to be mocked by them for ours. #LondonBridge

The satirical magazine has also disgustingly mocked the image of the drowned refugee Alan Kurdi asking: “What would’ve become of Aylan had he grown up? A groper.”

Charlie Hebdo offices were targeted by jihadist brothers because they pictured the prophet Mohammed, but they repeated this action in their first issue after the attack.

Their cartoons have become more controversial since the attack, and at a time when Isis want to divide us, Charlie Hebdo mocking the terror felt by those all over Europe simply plays into their hands by increasing tension with its neighbours.