Charlie Hunnam Says He Could Return In The Sons Of Anarchy Spin-Off


After falling foul of the most epic fatal car chase in television history, Sons of Anarchy fans could be forgiven for thinking Jax Teller is never coming back.

But, as Game of Thrones fans will confirm, poetic license goes a long way to reviving kickass fictional men that have been mortally wounded on the small screen – who could forget the emotional roller coaster of Jon Snow’s story line?

In case you missed it, the last time we saw Jax Teller he had freed himself from the shackles of his mortal body in a gripping end to the last series of Sons of Anarchy, and you can watch the full segment below.

Despite being pretty sure his character is dead, 36-year-old actor Charlie Hunnan, said he wouldn’t rule out a cameo in the new Sons of Anarchy spin-off.

He told a persistent TMX reporter:

Listen, if they want me to be in a dream sequence I’ll be in a dream sequence. I’d do anything with Kurt [Sutter, producer], I love that guy.


While details of the Sons of Anarchy spin-off are still thin on the ground, Sutter is set to return with a series about the Mayan motorbike gang, who worked with and against Jax and co throughout the much-loved FX show.

Dust down your leathers and bring on the motorbike criminal enterprising.