Charlie Sheen Reveals His Doctor Injected Himself With Sheen’s Blood

by : UNILAD on : 14 Jan 2016 12:49

Never one to shy away from controversy, Charlie Sheen has revealed that his doctor injected Sheen’s blood into himself to prove the actor was cured.


Sheen told Dr Oz – an American TV doctor – that he sought the advice of Dr Samir Chachoua, an Australian usually based in Mexico, who travelled to California to assist the star.

According to the Telegraph, Dr Chachoua has fan sites claiming he can ‘cure the incurable’, where he promises to conquer Aids, cancer and MS.


A number of conspiracy theory sites claim the doctor was forced from the US for producing cures which threatened conventional medicine.

Sheen said he visited the mysterious Dr Chachoua for a series of injections and blood work which produced some incredible early results – the actor said the HIV in his blood was undetectable without antiretroviral therapy.

According to Sheen, the unconventional doctor was so confident about the results of his treatment that he injected himself with Sheen’s blood.

Dr Oz described this as “something I never thought I’d hear out of the mouth of a doctor and Sheen called it “inappropriate, completely mind-blowing and radically bizarre.”


Fans of the doctor’s unusual approach to medicine leapt to his defence claiming Sheen was not taking the treatment correctly.

They also accused Sheen and Dr Oz of covering up the treatment’s effectiveness in order to boost the usage of conventional medicine.


One site, claiming to speak for the doctor said: 

Dr Chachoua was disappointed but not surprised by you and your supposed search for the truth. As he wrote in his letter to you, you were always planning to attack him.

It was never going to be straightforward for Charlie Sheen was it.

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