Cheating Bloke Gets Caught By His Two Girlfriends On Facebook Live

by : UNILAD on : 19 Aug 2016 18:34

Social media’s a wonderful thing. It helps us stay in touch with friends and family around the world, allows us to share funny cat videos with those with a discerning sense of humour, and of course, catch cheating partners.


One bloke who was two-timing a pair of girls in the U.S. learned this the hard way when the girls ganged-up to expose their bad boyfriend on a Facebook Live stream.

Apparently, the love cheat’s ‘main girlfriend’ gained access to his phone when he shared his passwords with her, allowing her to discover his dalliance with another young woman.


Rather than getting pissed at her love rival though, she decided to take a humiliating revenge on the lad in question and hatched a devious scheme to embarrass him.


They got the love louse to come round to his ‘side girl’s’ house with Chinese food but when he arrived it wasn’t his mistress waiting for him, it was his girlfriend, both of them!

From there things progress pretty much as you’d expect, he gets defensive, they chew him out and eventually he slinks away like you’d expect – good job girls.

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    Dude Gets Caught Cheating By His Two Girlfriends Who Put Him On Blast On Facebook Live