Check Out 10 Minutes Of Brutal For Honor Footage

by : Ewan Moore on : 14 Jun 2016 10:25

Last E3, Ubisoft announced For Honor, a fighting game with the intriguing premise of bringing warriors from different periods in history to the same battlefield. 


At this year’s E3, Ubisoft showed off ten minutes of gameplay footage, and an awesome trailer teasing the single player campaign. Vikings fighting Samurai and Knights? This shit is the stuff of all the great playground debates.

We also got a good chunk of gameplay footage, as Ubisoft showed off a campaign mission that sees a horde of Vikings do their Viking thing and storm a Samurai stronghold.

Combat looks to be varied, brutal, and a ton of fun. Depending on the faction you’re playing, you’ll have different weapons and combat options.


As you’d expect, a viking is a slow moving powerhouse that favours big, heavy weapons and a love of raiding. Battles are set on a large scale (think Dynasty Warriors)  but you’re still able to focus on specific enemies for intense one-on-one combat.

Once you’ve chosen a victim, you’re able to choose switch stances and fighting styles, and use your environment to punish your enemies- there’s a pretty grim moment in the video below where our viking friend shoves a Samurai in some spikes that have been carelessly left lying around.

All told, For Honor looks absolutely ridiculous, insanely violent, and immensely fun, everything a great videogame should be. It’ll be out February 14, 2017 – what a romantic Valentine’s Day that’ll be.

Ewan Moore

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