Check Out 11 Minutes Of Cool New Yakuza 6 Gameplay


We know you’re always wondering when you can get your next fix of Japanese gangster related violence, and SEGA know it too. That’s why they’ve shared a new 11 minute video showing off some gameplay from Yakuza 6. 

It’s all in Japanese, so we’re not entirely sure what anyone is talking about in the video… but it certainly looks pretty. For now, just sit back and enjoy the intense fist fights in the warm neon glow of the surrounding city.

It’s clear that SEGA are making the most of the extra oomph the PS4 (Yakuza’s exclusive platform), as the fights are on a much larger scale and with way more enemies on screen than anything we’ve seen in past Yakuza titles. At one point, what looks to be a quick scuffle in an alley soon erupts into an oversized gang fight, packed with carnage.

Combat flows smoothly, with the player deftly hopping between targets and switching it up with kicks, punches and throws. There also seems to be some kind of special ability that allows the player to deal extra damage and pummel foes into submission with ease.

Yakuza 6 will launch in Japan sometime in Autumn, with no word on a western release just yet. We’d bet we will get it over here at some point, although with Yakuza 5 there was a three year gap between the Japanese and Western release so there may be a bit of a wait.