Check Out America’s ‘Number One’ Bare-Knuckle Fighter In Action


Bare-knuckle boxer Bobby Gunn has been heralded as America’s first champion of the underground sport in over 120 years.

The fighter recently allowed Rolling Stone to step into his illegal world of underground fighting, and it was pretty damn interesting.

They even captured footage of Gunn putting his undefeated record on the line.

Check it out:

That victory took his record to a reported 71-0.

Gunn did admit his reputation has placed a large target on his back.

He said:

Everybody wants to take me down, brother, and make a name for himself. I’ve gotta watch my back.

He also opened up about some of his scariest experiences, a desire to legalise the practice, and an offer for Kimbo Slice…

Can’t see this becoming a professional sport any time soon though, if we’re honest.