Check Out Batman V Superman And Hey Arnold Remade In GTA V


They aren’t the videos we asked for… but they’re the videos we’ve got. Youtube’s Merfish has returned with a couple more clips of things remade in Grand Theft Auto V. This time, we have the trailer from Batman V Superman, and the intro the classic Nickelodeon cartoon, Hey! Arnold.

You can check out both videos at the bottom of this article, but be warned: If you have any kind of warm nostalgic memories of Hey Arnold! the video below will probably leave you deeply disturbed.

Of course, both efforts have a distinctly GTA flavour to them, with some unusual twists on what you might be familiar with. The ending of Hey Arnold! Certainly didn’t used to end that way… did it?

Merfish has made a fair few twisted GTA takes on franchises and TV shows we all know and love. Previous efforts have included Powerpuff Girls, Full House, and a version of the Teletubbies that will give you nightmares for weeks.