Check Out Battlefield 1 Comparison On PS4 V PS4 Pro



Battlefield 1 is just one of the many games to receive the benefits of Sony’s souped-up PS4 Pro console. Of course, being an already gorgeous game on a standard PS4, you might be wondering just how different it can look. 

As is so often their way, the folks over at Digital Foundry have posted a detailed performance report that discusses this very subject this, along with a comparison video showing the game running on both the PS4 and the PS4 Pro.

You can check that out just below.

While there may not be any immediately obvious visual differences (unless you watch on a 4K or 1080p screen, apparently), it should be clear to everyone from Digital Foundry’s test that the PS4 Pro version provides a handy FPS advantage over the standard PS4 – up to 10-15 frames, in fact.

Not every sequence in a game as dynamic as Battlefield 1 will remain consistent in terms of performance, of course, but it was concluded that the game manages to stick closer to its 60 FPS target on PS4 Pro than the regular PS4.

One might argue that if the PS4 Pro offers a smoother experience in online play in comparison to the standard model, then Pro players have an unfair advantage – of course, you could say the same of PC gamers with the best setups.


Released in October, Battlefield 1 quickly became the biggest launch title in developer DICE’s history.