Check Out Battlefield 1’s Incredible Opening Cinematic


EA and DICE have really been talking up Battlefield 1’s single-player campaign of late – and what we’ve seen so far is genuinely impressive stuff. 

Following an awesome announcement trailer, and a good look at one of the game’s missions, we’ve now been treated to a glimpse at some of the stylish opening cinematics.

There are two scenes (which you can see in the below video). The first introduces us to the ‘Through Mud and Blood’ campaign, in which we play as a tank crew member.

This cinematic shows the driver before (or maybe after) the war, sitting in a fancy car, before flashing forward (or backward) to show the driver as he’s introduced to his crew, and the tank he’ll be driving. Who doesn’t love a good parallel, right?

The second scene shows a solider all tucked up cosy in bed, before we realise that he’s having a little daydream, and is in fact in the midst of battle.

Clearly, DICE are keen on telling an ambitious story with Battlefield 1. The campaign is made up of five chapters, each focusing on entirely different characters, with unique views on the conflict unfolding around them.

Battlefield 1 releases October 21 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.