Check Out Cardiff City’s New £699.99 Third Kit


Because footy kits aren’t expensive enough already…

Cardiff City have unveiled their new third kit for this season.

It’s yellow and back stripes, with black shorts and yellow socks.

And it costs £699.99.



Mr Tan’s team will barely be wearing the kit this season, as it’ll only be used when there’s a clash with both the blue and red kits, which won’t be very often.

There’s a reason it costs so much.

The clubs official website says:

The only way you can own one of these extremely rare shirts is by sponsoring a first-team player for the 2015/16 campaign. By doing so, you’ll be presented with the shirt at the conclusion of the season by the respective player.

So if you have 700 quid spare to spend on a footy shirt that’ll make you look like a bee, then it’s happy days.