Check Out Every Leonardo DiCaprio Movie In Epic Seven Minute Video


Movie fans everywhere are asking the all-important question heading into the 88th Academy Awards on Sunday – is this the year that Leonardo DiCaprio finally wins that Oscar?

Leo’s enjoyed a pretty incredible 25 years in film, from Titanic to The Revenant – the movie for which he’s received his fifth Oscar nomination.

While that gold statuette continues to elude him, however, there’s no denying that DiCaprio has had some absolutely stunning big screen performances over the years.

And this stunning new seven-minute video, courtesy of YouTuber Burger Fiction, succinctly recaps Leo’s incredible and varied career in film.

From works like Inception and Django Unchained to The Departed and The Wolf of Wall Street, this video once again hammers home how crazy it is that poor Leo still hasn’t got to take home an Oscar yet.

Fingers crossed then, that this will finally be his year!