Check Out Mafia 3’s Awesome E3 Teaser

by : Ewan Moore on : 10 Jun 2016 10:24

We’ll be getting to see plenty more of Mafia 3 at E3 very soon, but ahead of that, publisher 2K games has decided to tease their teasers with a teaser.


The video is only 30 seconds long, but it feels like an awful lot happens. We’ve got explosions, car chases, dancing, guns, boxing, and even a hefty slice of boat action.


Set in New Orleans in 1968, Mafia 3 puts us in the shoes of Lincoln Clay, a black Vietnam veteran who returns from the war to discover everything has gone to crap thanks to the Italian mob.

Naturally, Lincoln decides to wage war – it probably wouldn’t be a very fun game if we just got to control Lincoln as he went around talking sternly to the Italian mob, after all.


Mafia 3 is the first open world game in the franchise, but is still looking to tell a gripping and engaging story. Hangar 13 creative director Haden Blackman told GameSpot back in April that it’s their aim to make the player a “co-author” in the experience.


Blackman said:

I wanted to build games that really tried to push the notion that the players [are] co-author in the experience. We have that tag line for Hangar 13, that every player’s story is unique. That’s definitely something we want to try and push for everything that we do.

You can find the most recent teaser just below, as well as the (incredible) story trailer that dropped back in April.

There’s no release date for Mafia 3 just yet, but as is always the way around this time of year, I imagine we’ll learn more at E3.

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