Check Out Mafia 3’s Explosive Gamescom Trailer


Mafia 2
I’ve said it before, but the marketing and trailers for Mafia 3 have been so damn stylish that it’s hard not to get pulled into the game’s seemingly rich and detailed world. 

Before now, we’ve had detailed gameplay walkthroughs and violent tours of the open world we’re expected to explore, but the Gamescom trailer for Hangar 13’s gangster epic hints at the explosive beginnings to our journey.

Mafia 1

By now I’m sure you’ll know that we’ll be playing as Lincoln Clay, a black Vietnam veteran who fights against the Italian Mob. Set in New Orleans in 1969, it’s a classic mob tale of revenge (with lots of murder).

The newest trailer takes place in 1968, one year before the events of Mafia 3. In it, we see that Clay clearly decided to do business with the wrong people, and we get an idea of why he’s so hungry for a taste of revenge.

Check it out below. Once again, Mafia 3 shows off it’s stellar soundtrack and flair for direction – the trailer is a classic heist movie right till the end.

Money, guns, fast cars, boat chases, more guns, death, and explosions – Mafia 3 is shaping up to one very special (and very violent) game.

You’ll be able to play it when it launches for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on October 7, 2016.