Check Out Mission “Charlie Don’t Surf” In Modern Warfare Remastered


Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare has one of the most jaw-dropping campaigns of any FPS, from the bold opening, to that ending. 

Along the way, we’re thrown into some of the most impressive set pieces – and this newly released footage of the ‘Charlie Don’t Surf’ mission from the upcoming remaster reaffirms my belief that this fresh coat of paint is very well deserved.

Check out nearly 20 minutes of awesome footage below (via GameSpot).

This remastered mission is further proof that Activision have made some seriously smart upgrades to Modern Warfare – this game was great looking last gen, but now? It’s looking super slick.

Darting through war torn streets while avoiding heavy gunfire, sniping the enemy from the relative safety of a rooftop, riding into battle in a helicopter – there’s no end to the awesome.

In short, one of the most immersive games I’ve ever played just got even more immersive – what’s not to love?


Unfortunately, recent reports suggest that Activision aren’t gonna make it easy to play Modern Warfare Remastered on its own.

Basically, a line of text from the Modern Warfare Remastered website claims that we’ll need the Infinite Warfare disc inserted to play the remaster.

At present, the only way to grab Modern Warfare remastered is by getting one of the pricey premium editions of Infinite Warfare – clearly, Activision don’t want people buying the premium bundles just for the remaster, only to sell Infinite Warfare on.

Activision has been pretty noncommittal when it comes to whether or not they’ll do a standalone release for the remaster – if it does ever happen, don’t expect it for a while.