Check Out The First 40 Minutes Of Final Fantasy XV

by : Ewan Moore on : 26 Sep 2016 11:20

Square Enix recently showed off the first 40 minutes of Final Fantasy 15 running on Xbox One, during a livestream at EGX. 

DualShockers was kind enough to capture the footage, which you can see for yourself further down in the article. Of course this probably goes without saying, but don’t watch it if you want to go into the game unspoiled.


This is probably the best look we’ll get at Final Fantasy 15 now before its November release, so anyone on the fence about picking it up could probably benefit from checking out this in-depth demo.

As we’ve all seen since the game was announced, it’s looking absolutely gorgeous. We’re treated to a good look at the game’s robust open world, as well as a good chunk of combat.

We’re also shown a few other gameplay elements, such as camping, AI interaction, and one of the most beautiful videogame fried eggs you’ve ever seen – take a look below.


After a delay to (try to) ensure the game could release without the need for a Day One patch, Final Fantasy 15 will be out on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One November 29.

The game was initially meant to launch on September 30, but director Hajime Tabata confirmed in a video that the team is trying to achieve ‘a level of perfection the fans deserve’ – fair enough.

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