Check Out The Gorgeous New Mass Effect: Andromeda Trailer


During its E3 showcase, EA unveiled a brand new trailer for BioWare’s Mass Effect: Andromeda, and it is looking gorgeous

It would seem that BioWare are still keen to keep most of the game a secret for now, which works for me.

This is a game about exploring the vastness of space, after all- the more surprises the better.

The premise of Andromeda takes players out of the Milky Way and into new galaxies to help find the human race a new home. You can expect all manner of new aliens, but the new trailer confirms that both the Krogan and Asari species will be making a return.

Andromeda’s creative director, Mac Walters told Kotaku:

If you go back to the original Mass Effect, there was that sort of awe of going to a new galaxy and meeting all these aliens for the first time—new races, new cultures, new civilizations.

While Andromeda will still offer the franchise’s familiar blend of action/RPG gameplay and linear missions, BioWare promises more freedom than we’re used to in a Mass Effect game.

Walters explained:

We want to lean into that open-world experience. We don’t want you to feel like you’ve landed on the planet with one objective and then leave the planet. We want you to spend some time there.

Andromeda will run in EA’s frostbite engine, which is also used for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, Battlefield 1, and FIFA 17, among others. Check out the new trailer below to see how it’s shaping up.

Still no official release date for Mass Effect Andromeda just yet, but we should be seeing it before the end of 2017. It’s certainly looking to be worth the wait.