Check Out This Amazingly Detailed Lego Millennium Falcon


A dedicated Star Wars fan has recreated an amazingly detailed Lego replica of the Millennium Falcon.

Lego enthusiast Marshal Banana built the 7,500-piece ship that measures almost three feet long and weighs 22 pounds.

Banana says he built it because:

The millennium falcon is still the coolest spaceship in the galaxy! This is why I have always wanted to build my own version!


The incredible model took a year to build, which included finding bricks, finalising the design and constructing it.

His fantastic design also includes lights for the engines, mounted gun turrets, a fully modelled cockpit and functional boarding ramp.


The ship is entirely built from Lego, although it has some wiring in order to maintain structural integrity, but the exterior is astonishingly detailed – it even has the mismatched hull plating.


The Lego fansite The Brothers Brick has pointed out that at 7,500 pieces, this Falcon is actually larger and more detailed than the largest Lego set ever sold, which funnily enough was a 5,000-piece Millennium Falcon.

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Banana has built other incredible Star Wars vehicles, including the Jawa Sandcrawler from the first Star Wars in 2011, complete with a fully lit and modelled interior.