Check Out This Entire Pokemon Game Built In Minecraft


It seems there’s no end to the mad shit you can do in Minecraft – someone’s only gone and made an entirely original Pokemon adventure. 

This isn’t just some weird mod of one of the older games running in Minecraft, mind you. This is a full, 60-80 hour adventure with new monsters to catch, a battle system, villages to explore, and everything you might expect from a Pokemon game.

The major difference of course, is that it’s in first person and rocks that trademark Minecraft blocky visual aesthetic – check out a video below.

The game (or games) are called Cobalt and Amethyst, and the mega adventure has 136 new Pokemon to enslave, as well as a brand new storyline involving new legendary monsters, and presumably an evil villain or two.

The whole project was made by Phoenix Projects, and took a staggering 31 months of development to complete.

If you fancy checking it out for yourself – and it really is worth a look – you can download it from the Minecraft forums, where you’ll also find plenty of help to install it and get it running properly.

Now, while we wait for Nintendo to shut this entire project down, let’s hope they realise how cool an open world first person Pokemon game could be.