Cheese Tea Exists And It’s Coming To The UK


This isn’t a bad joke, this is real, Cheese Tea is a real thing and it’s threatening to hit our shores.

Cheese and tea, two of the greatest products of the British Empire – the latter being stolen from China thanks to the East India Trading Company, has been married in some form of unholy matrimony to form a hideous offspring: ‘Cheese Tea’.

Originating from China, it’s already a big hit over in the US and now they’re looking bring over this phenomenon abomination to the UK.

Maybe it’s too early to write off, as the adage goes: ‘fortune favours the bold’. And opening up to new experiences such as Cheese Tea probably won’t kill us – unless you’re lactose intolerant.

All I can say for sure is: cheese and tea are great, but they’re not meant to be together.

According to Conde Naste Traveller’s Kate Springer, cheese-flavoured tea has been spreading around Asian tea houses like wildfire and is now taking the US by storm.

She describes the taste as:

… so rich, I feel a little ill. But when I swallow the tea and cheese together, it’s like drinking a refreshing tea milkshake. This pairing actually works — the salted cheese plays up the tea’s floral notes, and the tea, in turn, tastes smooth and creamy.

It’s only a matter of time before we start drinking cheese-flavoured lattes at Starbucks.

When that happens our taste buds will be truly screwed.