Chef Of Vegetarian Restaurant Killed A Customer And Served Him To Other Customers

by : Lucy Connolly on : 01 Nov 2018 13:52

Diners at a vegetarian restaurant were shocked when they were served what they thought was meat, but nothing could prepare them for the grim reality of what they were actually eating.


Customers contacted the local authorities to complain about the fact they were being served meat in a vegetarian restaurant, resulting in police coming out to investigate.

But when they arrived at the restaurant in Bangkok, they discovered a much worse reality to what they were expecting.

Upon further inspection they found that the customers had not just been served meat – they had, in fact, been served human flesh, Asia One reports.


The incident happened on October 23 in the eastern district of Bangkok. As reported by ZaoBao, police officers decided to search the restaurant when they arrived and found it empty of staff.

Upon entering the kitchen, they discovered a shocking sight when they found the walls and the floor were covered in blood.

In a horrific turn of events, bits of human scalp and flesh were found on the ground and the boss of the restaurant was nowhere to be found.

A more thorough search of the property was carried out as a result of this discovery, leading police to find the decomposing and disfigured body of a 61-year-old male in a septic tank outside the restaurant.

The victim was identified as Prasit Inpathom, a regular at the restaurant. Because of the way the body was found, the family were only able to identify him because of his recognisable tattoos on his chest and left arm.

According to Oriental Daily, he had formed a sort of friendship with the boss of the restaurant after asking him for a job and the two would often drink together.

The last time the victim’s family saw him was October 21 – two days before police made their grim discovery – when his brother said he saw him drinking at the restaurant.


As soon as his family realised he was missing, they immediately went to the restaurant where they discovered the huge police presence.

Mr Inpathom suffered a violent death and it was determined he had been hit in the head with a blunt object. He had also been stabbed five times in the abdomen and once in the leg.

According to Oriental Daily, the police investigation is currently focusing on the restaurant boss as their main suspect, who has reportedly been on the run since the discovery of the body. It is believed he and the victim had had a fight before he allegedly murdered Mr Inpathom. The motive, at this moment in time, is unknown.

Police claim he then cooked parts of the man’s body and served it to his guests to eat with other food he had cooked. Authorities have so far been unable to find the suspect and are in the process of tracking him down.

It is unknown how many people consumed the human flesh.

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