Chicken Satay Sticks In Bali Are Actually Made Of Dog Meat

by : UNILAD on : 17 Jun 2017 17:18

Tourists are unknowingly eating dog meat on the island of Bali, according to evidence given to ABC Australia.


Bali is a popular holiday destination for Aussies and so Animals Australia recently carried out an investigation into ‘Bali’s hidden meat trade – and its disturbing connection to Australian tourism’.

There are claims tourists have been buying the dog meat from street food vendors, believing it to be chicken satay.

Some of the animals are poisoned, which poses a risk to human health, according to a leading toxicologist.


Eating dog meat is not illegal in Bali, but killing animals cruelly or eating meat contaminated with poison is, says Animals Australia’s campaign director Lyn White.

She said:

The dog-meat trade breaches animal cruelty laws and food safety laws. That is a statement of fact.

Dog meat is essentially filtering into the tourist food chain [in Bali].


And it’s not just being sold on the beach, according to the programme, there are speciality restaurants sellling dog meat also.

Lyn added:

Tourists will walk down a street, they’ll see a street store selling satay but what they are not realising is the letters RW on the store mean it is dog meat being served.


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ABC Australia
  1. ABC Australia

    Evidence shows dogs in Bali are being brutally killed and the meat sold to unsuspecting tourists