Child Of Woman Killed While Hanging Naked Out Of Car Does Not Know She’s Dead

Ivanna Boirachuk/WhatsApp

The 11-year-old son of a woman who was killed when she hit a road sign while hanging topless out of a car has not been told his mother is dead.

35-year-old Natalia Borodina died after she collided with a road sign while hanging out of the passenger window of a car while on holiday in the Dominican Republic.

Despite Natalia dying two days ago her son Ermak, who was not on holiday with his mother, has still not been told that she died the Daily Mail reports.


Her ex-husband 37-year-old Alexandr Palagushkin is now battling for custody of Ermak to keep the young boy out of a Russian orphanage.

Palagushkin told Ren TV:

The childcare people have already called. It’s helpful that my father is a rear admiral. They have already said: ‘Do you know the mother is dead? Why is the child not with the father?’

So, if I don’t take him now, they will get him. And even with my father’s connections, it will take me time to get him out of some orphanage.

Ivanna Boirachuk/WhatsApp

Ermak was with his aunt Yulia Artemova, 42,in the Russian city of Voronezh when his mother died and Mr Palagushkin is reportedly rushing to reunite with his son.

It’s been reported that police in the Dominican Republic have identified the road sign that killed Ms Borodina and have detained Ivanna Boirachuk, 32, who was driving the car on suspicion of drink driving, according to Russian media reports.

Ms Boirachuk  was allegedly using her mobile phone to film Natalia when the  red Kia Picanto car she was driving butted the yellow kerb at the moment of the tragic accident.

VK/Natalia Borodina/EAST2WEST NEWS

Friends and family paid tribute to Natalia calling her a ‘caring daughter and good mother’ to Ermak and her close friend Elena Korolyova said she did everything she could for her family.

There are also reports that Natalia’s family cannot afford the cost, supposedly around £15,000, to repatriate her body for burial in Russia as Ms Borodina did not have insurance when she went on holiday.


Family friend Anzhelika Kling said:

They don’t have the money needed to pay for the transportation of the body. We got to know about the tragedy from Internet. Then the investigator called the family and confirmed it.

We don’t know what to do with the body now. There is no money for transportation. She may have to be cremated there.

An investigation into Natalia’s death has now begun and the Russian consular officer Zurab Peradze has said he’s been in touch with the local prosecutors’ office in the Dominican Republic to gather information about the accident.