Child Predator Experiment Shows Kids ‘Netflix And Chill’ Can Be Dangerous

by : UNILAD on : 17 Sep 2015 13:53


Last month, we shown you what can happen when young girls put themselves in dangerous situations following chats with people they don’t know online.

Well, that video has done a whopping 38 million views in the time since being uploaded, and has taught parents around the world how easy it is for their kids to put themselves in vulnerable situations.


Some kids, however, don’t learn, and Coby Persin has proved it again with a brand new video – this time featuring young boys.


In the video, young boys think they’re speaking to a girl on Facebook, and after only 24 hours of chatting, they are invited around to her house. Obviously, they accept.

But it doesn’t exactly go to plan, and they all quickly learn that casually deciding to meet up with strangers on the internet does not always go to plan…


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