Children Locked In Parliament During Attack Sing Songs To Comfort Others


A group of school children locked inside the Houses of Parliament during the attack on Westminster today reportedly sang songs to comfort others.

The children’s defiance in the face of terror has been reported on Twitter multiple times.

St John and St Francis school confirmed it was their pupils at the centre of the story…

An earlier tweet revealed that 53 children were present when they headed to parliament. Thankfully the school has confirmed that all in attendance are safe.

According to the Daily Mirror children were swept up by the horror as they were going through security at parliament before being hurried inside to the safety of Westminster Hall.

So far four people have been confirmed dead as a result of today’s attacks, including one police officer and his attacker, while one woman was successfully rescued from the river Thames.

Police are appealing for anyone with information to come forward, and anyone in possession of photo or video which may assist their investigations to submit them here.

Our thoughts are with those affected and their families at this difficult time.