Children’s Soft Play Birthday Party Turns Into Mass Catfight Between Angry Mothers


With all that sugar and running around a play area it is no surprise when a kids party is put on hold as a few tears are shed after a scrap. What is unexpected is for that scrap to be between the parents.

That is precisely what did happen at a child’s birthday party in Russia as a disagreement between mothers escalated into a full on brawl.

The dramatic scenes were all captured on film thanks to the soft play venue’s CCTV cameras, and things get really nasty.

Five women can be seen cornering another mother as one woman desperately tries to prevent a fight, she fails.

In full view of their scared children the brawl escalates horrifically as a man, who is allegedly drunk, pulls a woman away before punching her to the floor after she takes a swing at him.

The police were called and the party was brought to an abrupt end.

Textbook parenting.