Child’s Body Found Near Missing 3-Year-Old Girl’s Home

Richardson County Police

The body of a small child has been found near the home of a three-year-old girl who went missing earlier this month.

Sherin Mathews went missing on October 7 after being ordered to stand outside next to a tree near her home for not drinking her milk, and has been missing since, according to Dallas News.

The announcement was made by Richardson Police Department, in Texas, who believe that although no positive ID has been made on the child’s body, they have no reason to believe it is a different child.

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Sgt Kevin Perlich said:

The indications are that it is most likely her, however, we have not had a positive ID.

So until we have a positive identification we are not going to say it is Sherin.

The child was found at 11am on Sunday in a culvert less than a mile from Sherin’s home, the last place she was seen and an area where coyotes are known to be present.

Richardson County Police

Sherin’s father Wesley Mathews, 37, told authorities he ordered his child out of the home at 3am as punishment for not drinking her milk. Upon returning 15 minutes later she was missing.

Police were not notified the girl was missing for five hours, according to WFAA.

He told the authorities that he went to do some laundry to wait until dawn or at least until the young girl returned to the house. It has been reported the girl has developmental issues and reduced verbal communications skills.

Police have been searching for the three-year-old for around two weeks, using search dogs and appealing door-to-door to try and glean any information on the child’s whereabouts.

Sgt. Kevin Perlich said during the investigation:

We’re trying to pick up any type of scent, or items of clothing, or anything like that, that might give us a clue she was there.

During the search for Sherin, two SUVs and a minivan were confiscated in connection with the investigation. 47 more items were taken from Mathews’ home by the FBI including hair fibres and laptops.

We are currently looking for a 3-year-old child. Sherin Mathews was last seen by her father outside the family’s…

Posted by Richardson Police Department on Saturday, 7 October 2017

Sherin was adopted by Mathew’s and his wife along with her sister, who has since been taken by Child Protective Services.

It is not currently known how the child died. More as this story develops.