Chile Has The Biggest And Deepest Pool In The World And You Need To Experience It

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The San Alfonso del Mar resort in Algarrobo in Chile plays home to the biggest pool in the world, and as you might imagine, it’s pretty much the dream destination for every single person this summer.

Not only is the beach side resort able to boast stunning views, it can also claim to have the biggest – not to mention deepest pool in the world – standing at 115 feet deep, and is six times bigger than the closest rival, the Orthlieb Pool in Casablanca, Morocco.

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It took five years to make and is officially the world’s biggest pool, standing at 3324 feet in length and 19.77 acres.

It costs £2 million annually to keep the pool up to standard, with the nearly 20 acre pool sucking water directly from the sea using a filtration system that is computer controlled.