Chilling Documents Reveal How Much ISIS Soldiers Earn For Their Crimes


Back in 2014 foreign fighters for the so-called Islamic State earned around $1,300 (£995) a month as well as being given a house, a car, a wife and fuel. Local fighters earned around half that. 

Just three years back, ISIS owned countless oil fields and were making a helluva lot cash off the back of selling crude oil to nearby countries.

Now their salaries are significantly lower due to the unforgiving wrath of coalition bombs which have decimated ISIS controlled banks and oil fields.

A new document, obtained by Sputnik, allegedly found by the Iraqi Federal Police in western Mosul reveals that the amount ISIS fighters are paid depends on their family status.


As ISIS continue to be bombarded across the entirety of the middle east, single militants earn just $72 (£55) a month, whereas others – such as a married father of three children known as Abu Jana earns around $184 (£140) per month.

Even leaders in the terror group only pocket little over $500 (£382) a month due to the constant attacks from the international coalition.


Da-esh’s presence in the middle east appears to be getting lower and lower every week – most significantly when they lost their former stronghold of Mosul just two weeks back.

However that been said, the ISIS ideology which has pioneered attacks across western Europe in the past few years remains worryingly consistent, bringing forth the question, how do you destroy an ideology? A warped ideology founded upon an even more warped and twisted depiction of a religion?