Chilling Footage Shows Standing On Drayton Manor Ride That Killed 11-Year-Old Girl


On Tuesday, for one family, May 9 went from just an ordinary day to one that will forever be tinged with sadness after the tragic passing of an 11-year-old girl.

The girl, later named as Evha Jannath, had simply gone on a school trip to Drayton Manor on what was a lovely summer’s day.

However shortly after 2pm the child, from the Leicester area, fell from the Splash Canyon ride while reportedly changing seats with a friend and ended up in the water.

Staffordshire Police

Paramedics tried to save her and she was rushed to Birmingham Children’s Hospital but sadly passed away.

Now, in the blurry aftermath of this tragic event, as pieces in this heartbreaking puzzle begin to come together, a shocking video has emerged of a group standing up on the Splash Canyon ride for what appears to be a thrill, reports the Daily Mail.

But the most worrying thing about the video? It was shot just two days before Evha’s tragic death.

As you can see in the video, the group stand up as their raft collides with a wall – violently shaking, however none of them appear injured.

Worryingly, Tuesday’s catastrophic event is not the only time Splash Canyon has made the headlines. Back in 2013 Patrick Treacy, aged 10 at the time, fell off the ride and into the water but was luckily dragged out by a random member of the public.

Drayton Manor remains closed today ‘to allow the Health and Safety Executive to complete their work’.