Chilling Footage Reveals Eerie Hidden Labyrinth Beneath UK City Streets


Creepy new footage has emerged showing the eerie abandoned tunnels that lie forgotten beneath the streets of Manchester.

The spine-tingling pictures, shot by urban explorer Paul Powers, reveal the extensive subterranean network of the Victoria Arches – a series of bricked-up arches built in the embankment of the River Irwell. The five-minute video shows rundown toilets and miles of ghostly corridors all chillingly lit by torchlight.


The Victoria Arches were built in 1838 as part of a new industrial area on the River Irwell’s embankment, and they served as business premises, landing stages for steam packet riverboats and as Second World War air-raid shelters.

But after the 1930s they were sealed off, leaving a desolate space that has remained unused for the last 80 years. The last abandoned plan involving the tunnels was during the 1970s when a tube station was dug out, but never saw the light of day after the proposal was ditched for being too costly.


There are rumoured to be miles and miles of disused tunnels under Manchester, including a nuclear fall-out shelter that was dug during the 1950s and the Pomona Docks, a former industrial port, that is now a desolate and empty island in the middle of the River Irwell.

Looks amazing, but you wouldn’t catch me down there on my own. Hell no.