Chilling Text Sent By Teenager After Killing A Tourist


A teenager who beat a Chinese tourist to death in a vicious attack on New Year’s Day sent a series of depraved texts to his friends.

Nathan Richardson, 19, committed the atrocity against 67-year-old Wenqing Xu after getting ejected from a house party.

Mr Xu had been walking at 8am when he was brutally assaulted by Richardson. He was seen kicking the man by two community centre workers who had heard him shouting: “Fuck you, get in there you bastard.”

Mr Xu was rushed to Royal Preston Hospital and died two hours later.

Later tests revealed he suffered broken facial bones, internal bruising, a bleed on the brain and grazes from being dragged across the ground.

Preston Crown Court heard that Richardson had been under the influence of beer, cannabis, cocaine and ecstasy.


He text his friends after the murder, bragging:

Goin jail. Think I killed sum1 [sic].

He added:

Fucked some chink up. Bodied him. I think pure crime scene. His head’s gone.

He later told his sister that Mr Xu had hit him first.

After researching the news of the killing on a local news website he messaged a friend:

I’ve killed someone, it’s unnatural what I’ve done. I’ve just done some guy I backhanded him and he weren’t moving, I have done it.

I kicked and stamped his head a few times. I pulled his pants down and pulled him by his balls.

Scumbag Richardson had a string of 45 previous convictions that included assault and battery. He confessed to the murder and was sentenced to serve a minimum sentence of 19 years in jail.