Chilling Video Shows House ‘So Haunted’ It Was Evacuated By Police

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A family have been forced out of their home by a ghostly presence that delights in making their lives a living hell by throwing things around their house. 

Things got so bad that the family, who are from Puerto Montt, Chile, called the police who evacuated the house after the pesky poltergeist inside allegedly attacked them, The Daily Star reports.

According to officers who attended the scene objects were floating when they arrived and the ghost ‘attacked them with a knife’ and they offered alternative accommodation to the residents for the night.

Corporal Olavarria of the Sixth Police Station told local media about his experiences in the haunted house.

He said: 

In a surprising way, a spatula fell, there were several broken glasses, mattresses outside.

When I called the devil to leave the place, I was going out the front door, I felt a knife that grazed my back, but I had a bulletproof vest.

There’s even some eerie footage of the spooky spectre moving things around the house.

Check it out for yourself here…

During the short clip the supposed ghost knocks a light on the ceiling about before eventually attacking the kitchen counter sending pots and pans flying.

Eventually the ghost seems to get bored of smashing up the kitchen and flings a bucket across the room as its last violent act.

Of course this house couldn’t really be haunted, could it? Well unfortunately no it’s probably not because this isn’t the first that this ‘chilling’ footage has come to light.

Way back in 2015 it hit the web, reportedly filmed in Ireland, so unless these people in Chile have a suspiciously similar taste in interior design and ghostly goings on we’re going to guess its bull shit.

That and the fact that ghosts don’t exist.