China And North Korea Claim America Will ‘Pay The Price’ For Threatening Security


Tensions are continuing to escalate between the United States and China following America’s deployment of its high-altitude area defence (Thaad) anti-missile system.

The system is to act as a defence system, and deterrent, to help protect South Korea from increased military aggression from Kim Jong-un’s North Korea.

The dictator of the secretive state continues to test nuclear weapons, and as reported by the Daily Star, America is keen to protect its ally in South Korea, and hamper the development of weapons which could target the U.S. west coast.

Pentagon delays ''THAAD" anti-missile systemGetty

China meanwhile is defending North Korea amid concerns the collapse of the state would create military chaos in the region.

The official media outlet for the Chinese Communist Party, the People’s Daily, released an article in response to America’s military presence which read:

If the United States and South Korea harm the strategic security interests of countries in the region including China, then they are destined to pay the price for this and receive a proper counter-attack.

Like any other country, China can neither be vague nor indifferent on security matters that affects its core interest.

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Chinese Foreign Minister Geng Sahuang has also been quoted as saying:

We keep repeating our position that the deployment of the THAAD missile system by the United States and the Republic of Korea will not address the concerns of relevant parties, contribute to denuclearisation on the Korean Peninsula, or aid the peace and stability of the Peninsula.

Geng added that China would take ‘necessary measures to safeguard its national security’.

Well I’d say China has made its thoughts unequivocally clear, so its America’s move in this terrifying game of military chess…