China Builds Incredible 350ft Artificial Waterfall On A Skyscraper

by : Julia Banim on : 23 Jul 2018 18:50
Manmade waterfall built in China.Manmade waterfall built in China.Newsflare

An artificial waterfall has been built on a Chinese skyscraper, and it is absolutely breathtaking.


The high-rise waterfall is situated in Guiyang – a city sometimes nicknamed ‘The Forest City’ – in south-west China.

At an incredible 108-metre-tall (350ft) in height, this is the highest artificial waterfall in the world. It cascades from the 397-foot tall Liebian Building, which is right in the heart of the city’s financial district.

The timeless, peaceful beauty of the waterfall contrasted with the modern city setting makes this a truly unforgettable sight to behold.

Artificial waterfall built in China.Artificial waterfall built in China.Newsflare

Managed by Guizhou Ludiya Property Management Co., this is the only ‘waterfall building in the city,’ and is a refreshing sight in the heat of summer.

This is certainly a dramatic landmark – especially when rainbows streak across the sparkling water in the sunshine – and some locals are very excited.

One Guiyang citizen told Kanka News:

It’s quite novel. If you do it on a hot day, it will feel very comfortable. It is still very eye-catching.

However, some people are not happy about this new addition to the city-scape, with some expressing concerns over wasting water.

One person commented:

Whose idea was it to put a waterfall on the building? It’s a terrible idea,

They should really conserve energy instead of wasting it like that.


A representative from Guizhou Ludiya Property Management Co. Ltd. – Mr Cheng – told Kanka News how the water was in fact recycled, quelling some fears over water wastage:

The water we use is recycled underground tap water, some rainwater or other channels of water.

We have four underground water storage and drainage systems, our waterfalls. The water is pumped from the negative four-tier reservoir, and then recycled.

Find out more about this magnificent feat of design below:

Other local residents are worried about the high cost of the waterfall, with the electricity bill costing an extortianate 800 yuan (£89) for just one hour of operation.

Mr Cheng has explained how the waterfall wouldn’t be running everyday, cutting costs considerably:

The power consumption is not big, we don’t open it often.

For example, Guiyang has international or domestic activities, or when there is demand, notify us, occasionally open ten Twenty minutes in minutes.

Each time the waterfall is switched on, it will run for just 10 to 20 minutes; preserving electricity while still providing a unique attraction for citizens and visitors alike.


Mr Cheng believes this will provide a wonderful tourist attraction, with people travelling from far and wide to admire the spectacular creation. And it’s easy to see why.

Artificial waterfall is the highest in the worldArtificial waterfall is the highest in the worldNewsflare

Pictures and footage of the ‘wow factor’ waterfall have since gone viral, and people cannot quite believe their eyes.

One person tweeted:

Wow that is so beautiful I really love it

Another exclaimed:

Wow wow, this is the best building. Awesome.

What do you think of this impressive spectacle? Do you think it is a beautiful new feature of the city, or do you think Guiyang are flushing their money down the loo?

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