China Has ‘Plenty Of Ways’ To Respond If Trump Continues Attempt To Hijack TikTok

by : Niamh Shackleton on : 04 Aug 2020 16:56
China Has 'Plenty Of Ways' To Respond If Trump Continues Attempt To Hijack TikTokChina Has 'Plenty Of Ways' To Respond If Trump Continues Attempt To Hijack TikTokPA Images

The TikTok tea continues to be piping hot, as China has responded to the rumours of Microsoft taking over the app.

Earlier this month, president Trump threatened to ban the popular video-sharing app in America after US security officials expressed concerns the app, which is owned by China-based company ByteDance, could collect personal details from its American users. TikTok denied these allegations.

Following Trump’s threats to ban the app in the US, there were rumours of US-based tech company Microsoft taking over, and that Microsoft was in talks with ByteDance.

TikTokTikTokPA Images

After speaking to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, Trump revealed the pair had a ‘great conversation,’ in which he said the deal can’t be controlled by China ‘for security reasons’.

China have since responded, saying it will not accept the ‘theft’ of one of their companies and that it has ‘plenty of ways to respond if the administration carries out its planned smash and grab’.

A strongly-worded article via the state controlled media outlet China Daily said the country will take action if a sale is forced by Trump, Forbes reports. The statement said the US threatened to ban TikTok ‘with the aim of getting what the US administration wants’, implying it was always Trump’s intention to force China to sell the app.

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ByteDance founder Zhang Yiming reportedly sent a letter to the company’s employees addressing the rumours and the criticism ByteDance has faced on social media.

Part of the letter read, Reuters reports:

I actually understand [the criticism]. People have high expectations of a company founded by a Chinese person which is going global but have little information about it. With lots of grievances towards the U.S. government, they tend to lash out at us with harsh criticism.


Zhang added that while the force of the sale would be ‘unreasonable,’ it is still part of the legal process and the company would have to abide by it if it came to that. He added he believes a sale isn’t America’s goal and that the country’s real objective is ‘to achieve a comprehensive ban’ of the app, Bloomberg reports.

TrumpTrumpFox News

ByteDance is reportedly looking for a way to resolve the ongoing confrontations with the US government, but it has made no final decisions yet. Trump has threatened to ban the app from September 15 if a deal – that he expects the US government to get a cut of – is not reached.

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