China Makes Chilling Threat To The US Over ‘Presence In Taiwan’


China has threatened to enforce military action on the US amid a torrid global climate. 

Taiwan, which the country still considers part of its territory, is the foundation of the problem.

Chinese President, Xi, has quarreled with Donald Trump, pleading for him not to allow the Taiwanese President through US territory.

On top of this, the US revealed plans to send warships to Taiwan, angering Chinese officials even more.


Diplomat Li Kexin, according to the Daily Star said:

The day that a US navy vessel arrives in Kaohsiung is the day that our People’s Liberation Army unite Taiwan with military force.

If the US navy dispatched warships to Taiwan it’d violate a Chinese law, which in turn would potentially start World War 3 and kill everyone. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Li added China would be getting around the issue peacefully but if all else failed, they’d have no hesitation in bringing in the boys to settle things military-style.


President Xi recently said China’s notoriously restricted internet could become more open.

A statement made by him was read out at the country’s fourth annual World Internet Conference in which Xi revealed the nation’s cyberspace was ‘entering a fast lane’, despite blacklisting Skype just last month.

Most western apps, like Facebook and Twitter are banned in China.


The only big US company with a presence in the nation is Apple.

Boss Tim Cook revealed developers had earned £12.6bn from the localised version of the App Store.

China’s social media equivalent is Tencent, which recently overtook Facebook in value with a worth of £378bn thanks to 500 million users.