Chinese Brand Produces Contender For Most Racist Advert Ever


A Chinese laundry detergent brand has produced a contender for the most racist advert of all time.

Qiaobi-brand detergent, the Huffington Post reports, have released their advert on Chinese television and in cinemas.

Check it out:


The clip sees a young black man covered in paint catcall a Chinese woman, before she shoves a detergent capsule in his mouth and forces him head first into a washing machine.

A Chinese man then emerges from the machine with a glistening white shirt, with the implication the detergent has washed the man’s skin.

But the advert is not only hideously inappropriate, it is also a complete rip off.

As the Shanghaiist reports, the ad is apparently based on an Italian series of commercials produced nine years ago.

They do differ quite dramatically in that the Italian ads don’t suggest being black is a negative…

How did these get approved for broadcast?!