Chinese Government Demolish Hospital With Patients And Doctors Inside

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Patients and staff in central China were lucky to avoid being buried alive when the hospital they were in was demolished with them still inside.

The Daily Mail report that doctors working at the Fourth Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou in Henan Province early this morning were injured when they tried to stop the hospital’s demolition on Jiangshan Road. The land is reportedly under land eviction for a Chinese government project to expand the road.

When the destruction began staff and patients in the radiology department had to run for their lives. The demolition also damaged a valuable digital gastrointestinal machine which is said to be worth four million Yuan (£418,603).

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Shockingly The People’s Daily Online report that six bodies from the morgue were also submerged when a bulldozer hit. According to Shanghai Daily, around 30 people wearing camouflaged suits rushed to the building at 9.20am local time (1.20am GMT) and began destroying the hospital.

A press officer for the hospital told a local reporter that many of the patients were receiving radiology inspections when the bulldozer first hit.

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Some of the doctors tied to stop the destruction of the hospital, while others tried desperately to save what equipment they could.

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It is claimed that the Hospital refused to be relocated to give way to the road expansion project, and that authorities warned them about the demolition a month beforehand. Police reportedly rushed to the scene at the time of the incident which is now under investigation.


The hospital is now closed until further notice due to severe damage. The local government is yet to release any statements in response to the incident.