Chinese Mystic Touches Woman’s Breasts To Predict The Future


I’ve seen some weird and wonderful things in my time but this, this is just straight up fucking bizarre.

This is the moment a Chinese mystic apparently attempted to tell a young woman’s fortune by squeezing her breasts and fondling them repeatedly according to the Mirror. Yep, what the actual fuck.

The video shows the man holding a pair of crutches in his left hand and the woman’s boobs in the other as a large crowd of people stand around them, gazing in awe.


The young woman looks incredibly bored throughout the video, resting her head on her hand with a look of tiresome disgust on her face.

Although only an incredibly short video those seven mysterious seconds are more than enough.

After watching it perhaps a dozen times I am plagued with questions. Is it normal? Is this what she paid for? Why does she look so dismally bored? And what is the future?

I guess we’ll never know unfortunately.