Chinese Students Forced To Sleep Under Thick Blankets In Sweltering Heat For What?

by : Mark Foster on : 18 Sep 2015 12:49

If your philosophy on bed making is ‘what’s the point? I’m only going to mess it up again anyway’, then you might want to stay the hell away from China.

According to the Daily Mail, students at Hunan Vocational College of Foreign Languages were forced to sleep outside under thick duvets in 32-degree heat for having a messy room, while some 2000 other students looked on. Recently, students have also been made to run with buckets on their heads.


The punishments were carried out during a compulsory military training exercise in the college, and were apparently designed to instil discipline into messy students. A spokesman for the college said the punishment came after repeated verbal warnings, and students were only made to lay in the sun for five minutes or so.

The spokesman added: 

According to the standards set for the room inspections, their shoes must be in a straight line. Their duvet must be folded and placed to one side. The wash buckets should be neatly placed.


Some students felt the actions were well-deserved as the offenders should have been more obedient, while others thought the reasons for the drastic action was unfounded. Many students were left visibly upset after being forced to run with buckets on their heads.


Military training in Chinese schools is mandatory and usually lasts for around a month. Students learn to march in formation, sing military songs and run team building exercises, and are often strictly punished for mistakes.


If somebody asks you to make your bed with a bucket in their hand and a mean glint in their eye, run, and don’t stop running until that limp duvet is a distant memory.

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    Chinese students are forced to sleep under the hot sun while wrapped in thick duvets... because they didn't make their bed