Chloë Grace Moretz Makes Taylor Swift’s Squad Sound More Terrifying Than Scientology

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Chloë Grace Moretz isn’t arsed about making friends in L.A. 

After her recent argument with the reprehensible publicity vampire, Kim Kardashian, Moretz has now denounced Taylor Swift’s ‘squad’ (a more vapid version of The Avengers) in an interview with Complex.

Moretz begins by coming out against squads in general saying, ‘they appropriate exclusivity,’ before adding ‘they’re cliques!’

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The young actress then goes on to say that she has met Swift, but in a strangely curt way simply saying, ‘yes’ when asked, with non of the usual vomit inducing arse kissing that celebrity interviews usually devolve in to.

When asked if she got a squad invitation, Moretz offered another rather telling, “Yes.”

Andrew Gruttadaro, the journalist behind the piece, notes that Moretz seems to want to say more but Moretz holds back and settles on the diplomatic, ‘she’s a very talented person’, which is the old get out of free card for any interviewee struggling to think of anything positive to say.

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Gruttadaro attempts to press her on the issue but she smiles and simply laughs:“You know I can’t!”

Reportedly Moretz follows Swift’s arch-nemesis Katy Perry on Twitter but she also follows Swift so who knows where her true allegiances lie…