Chris Evans Pranks Fans By Trapping Them In An Escape Room


Ask people what their two favourite things in life are and they’ll probably say Chris Evans and escape rooms.

Okay probably not. But put the two together and you’ve got a recipe for a pretty funny video.

The Marvel star recently teamed up with Omaze to raise money for Christopher’s Haven, a Boston-area apartment complex that provides temporary housing for families of children who are being treated for cancer at nearby hospitals.


To raise money, Evans is giving fans a chance to participate in an Escape Room adventure with him.

For those who don’t know what an Escape Room is, the 35-year-old set up an elaborate prank at a Comicazi comic book store in Boston to demonstrate the concept of it.

And it came with pretty hilarious results:

Setting up a Captain America doll with a hidden speaker, Evans hid in the basement with a walkie-talkie and surprised random shoppers browsing the store.

After convincing them to accept a challenge, he gave hints on how to get out of the Escape Room, asking them to find codes, yell ‘Hail Hydra’ and use tools to solve puzzles.

Eventually it all led to a door leading to Evans himself – not a bad prize.


Fancy your chances of getting out of an Escape Room with Chris Evans? Fans can enter for a chance to win here. You’ll just need a minimum donation of $10 – which goes to Christopher’s Haven.

The campaign continues until February 3.