Chris Hemsworth Isn’t Happy About Being Left Out Of Civil War


With the dawn of the shared universe it’s becoming more and more common for superheroes to pop up in other heroes movies.

This year alone we’ve had Batman and Wonder Woman turn up in a Superman sequel, then all The Avengers tipped up in Captain America’s latest film – well almost all of The Avengers.

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Conspicuously missing were two of Marvel’s heaviest hitters, The Incredible Hulk and The Mighty Thor, and it seems that Chris Hemsworth isn’t pleased at having been left out of the the superhero showdown.

In a recent Facebook post by Civil War directors Anthony and Joe Russo, Chris gets a little salty about his Asgardian alter-ego being left out of the most recent Captain America film.

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The video shows the colossal Hemsworth working out on pull up rings and questioning his worth as a superhero.

Luckily Chris has a pretty easy way to test his worthiness and calls out for his trusty hammer Mjolnir which flies into his outreached hand and he decides he doesn’t want to be on either of Cap or Tony’s teams.

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The Huntsman star also makes a cheeky reference to Hulk and Thor hanging out without the rest of Earth’s mightiest heroes, a reference to the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok where Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk is set to appear.

Ragnarok is coming next year…