Chris Hemsworth’s Workouts Look Intense AF As He Prepares For Thor’s Return


It’s no confidential secret that Chris Hemsworth is as ripped as they come – but rarely do we get to see what he’s actually getting up to in the gym.

That is – until now.

In this video posted to Chris’ Instagram – we can see the Aussie pumping more iron than I get through in a year and roaring like a lion at the same time.

Unfortunately it appears there’s no simple shortcut to getting a summer body like Chris’, the actor is well and truly beasted in the footage by his trainer..

As you can see for yourself, the Thor actor hammers (pun intended) a coma inducing number of heavy barbell curls followed by a round of stationary bike sprinting and rows before moving onto the ropes and ploughing through a set of resistance push ups.


Judging from the short clip it looks like Chris is doing all he can to increase that lean muscle while shedding any excess fat before the Herculean release of Thor: Ragnarok.

Thor: Ragnarok hits the big screen on 27 October 2017.