Chris Pratt Asked His Fans To Photoshop Him, Results Were Incredible


On Friday, actor Chris Pratt called on his fans to photoshop him a new Facebook header photo and the internet reacted gloriously.

He asked only that the image feature his most famous characters – Peter Quill, Owen Grady, Andy Dwyer and Emmet – plus simple things like “eagles, american flags, guns, cool ford raptors, cigars, explosions” and “some cool guns or rollerblades,” as well as his other favourite things.

Hello friends and fans. I am in the market for a new header for my FB page. I want to do a contest. Whoever replies with…

Posted by Chris Pratt on Friday, 31 July 2015

The winner will reportedly receive “accolades” from the actor and maybe even a dinner at Applebees.

And some of the entries so far have been as weird and wonderful as you might have hoped, much to Pratt’s delight.

The winner has yet to be announced but check out some of the best entries so far below…

Facebook/Danial Javeed
Facebook/Jessica Russell
Facebook/Richard Olthof
Facebook/Javier Chavarria
Facebook/Paul Louise-Julie
Facebook/Heidi Navarro
Facebook/Jonathan WTH
Facebook/Makoy Montano