Chris Pratt Nailed It With This Amazing Bad Magic Trick


Space adventure, velociraptor tamer, shoe shiner and now magician extraordinaire is there anything that Chris Pratt can’t do?

Yes, Chris took the opportunity to show off his magical abilities while promoting his upcoming movie, Passengers, with co-star Jennifer Lawrence on The Graham Norton Show this Friday.

Pratt admitted that he was a dab hand at card tricks, but seemed surprised when cheeky host, Norton pulled out a deck of cards forcing the Guardians of the Galaxy star to warn everyone that if he messed it up they could just cut it out.


The trick he attempted was called burn ’em and in Chris’ word it works 50 per cent of the time, a prophecy that clearly wasn’t true as it took Chris more than a few attempts to get he right card.

Or so it seemed…

It turned out that Chris Pratt was simply building up to a Tommy Cooper-esque (ask your parents) reveal! Or at least that’s how we’re choosing to interpret things he could have just fucked it up and been smooth enough to cover it up.

Well done Chris, at least you’ll have a career on the LA magic scene if the acting jobs ever dry up…