Chuck Liddell Ready To Fight ‘Trash Talking’ Jon Jones


The war of words between Chuck Liddell and Jon Jones is escalating once again.

Tensions were thought to have eased after the pair posed for a stare down at UFC 196, but it appears that is not the case.

Appearing on AXS TV’s ‘Inside MMA’ on Friday, the UFC Hall of Famer sent a very clear message to the current number one contender in the light heavyweight division.

As reported by MMA Junkie, Liddell said:

If he keeps lipping off, maybe. It’s funny: Somebody asked me a question, ‘Would you beat him in your prime?’ Shoot, of course I’d beat him in my prime. What am I supposed to say? In my prime? I’ll beat you right now. We’ve got a problem? Let’s go. I mean, shit, it’s one of those things, I’m not going to get mad at him if says he can beat me in my prime. He should say that. If I’m your coach, you better say that.

We were at the UFC, and he came up and he was all hurt and I said, ‘Look, man, if you want to talk trash about me on the Internet, you might want to tag me so I can respond instead of just talking trash behind my back.’ Not that I really care, because it’s the Internet. People trash talk all over the place. But, ‘If you want me to know about it, I don’t follow you, so you’re going to have to send it to me.’

Then I was like, ‘Dude, you have my phone number. If you ever see me doing an interview and you’re worried about it, call me and we’ll talk it out.’ Trust me: If I have a problem with you, you won’t have to look for me. I will show up.

Liddell then added Dana white was concerned when he saw the the ‘Iceman’ squaring off with Jones, thinking the pair could come to blows there and then.

In truth, Jon Jones will be far more concerned with his upcoming title shot at Daniel Cormier on April 23, but who knows, maybe this simmering rivalry may come to the boil in the near future.