Cillian Murphy Made A Huge Sacrifice Just To Be In Peaky Blinders

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Cillian Murphy has revealed why he ditched 15 years of being a vegetarian for the lead role in Peak Blinders.

To be a vegetarian for 15 years straight is one hell of a commitment, some people can’t even commit to a gym membership for 15 weeks.


However to then give that up after 15 years of no meat, just for a role is a head-scratcher in itself. Murphy, who plays main character Tommy Shelby, admits that it wasn’t ‘a moral decision’, he just didn’t want to get ‘mad cow disease’.

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He says part of the reason he gave up the vegetarian lifestyle was down to not wanting to ‘look like a skinny Irishman’ for the role.

Speaking to Mr Porter Murphy says:


… they were anxious that I shouldn’t look like a skinny Irish fella, and my trainer recommended eating meat.


Well at least he wasn’t one of those overly preachy celebrity vegetarians that try and force their ideology down your throat…

Since airing on the BBC back in 2013, his character Tommy Shelby – and by extension Murphy himself – has become a fashion icon, particularly within the UK’s ‘hipster’ contingency.


However Peaky Blinder’s popular style is something that Murphy can’t wrap his head around.

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Further on in the interview he explains:

[I] would never voluntarily have that haircut. That and the hat, the voice, the walk, the fags – it’s all an effort to make me look like a tough fucker, which I’m really not. I’ve never even been in a fight!

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Season four of Peaky Blinders has already begun filming and should be out next year on BBC 2.

The new series will see Murphy and Tom Hardy joined by new cast members including Aidan Gillen, Adrien Brody, Charlie Murphy (not Eddie’s older brother) and a returning Charlotte Riley.

Which to be fair, sounds awesome.

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